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Since 1967 John Meenan Transmissions has been providing the highest quality, guaranteed, professional transmission, clutch and drive line repairs on thousands of domestic and foreign cars, two and four wheel drive trucks, vans, antique, classic, heavy duty and high performance applications. We are one of the longest operating transmission repair facilities that has maintained the same ownership and has offered a commitment to quality for more than three decades. This commitment to quality is evident in all that we do. The number one goal for our business is customer satisfaction. To ensure customer satisfaction it is necessary to employ technicians that are trained in the latest automotive technology. This ongoing training ensures accurate diagnosis and repair of the vehicle the first time, to get you and your vehicle on the road as quickly as possible. 

Opening Hours:

Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.Saturday, 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

(215) 855-5123

1121 Walnut Street
Lansdale, PA. 19446



One of the many advantages of having a transmission rebuilt at Meenan Transmission is the ability for Meenan Transmissions to tailor the transmission to the needs of the customer.


About Us


Here at Meenan Transmissions, it’s all about providing our customers with choices. We understand that automotive repairs can be costly and rarely ever occur at a convenient time. That’s why we always provide three different repair options for our customers. This practice provides you with multiple cost options for various budgets and agendas. So, whether you just want to get safely back on the road or you want a complete rebuild, capable of handling the tortures of daily business/commercial use, Meenan Transmissions has an option to suit your needs.


When you come to us for your transmission repairs we typically cost out three options.

  • Complete Rebuild

  • Remanufactured Transmission

  • Used unit


However, transmission repairs are not about bottom line costs, they are about cost benefit and return on investment.

A used unit will get you back on the road for the lowest possible cost should there be a mechanical breakdown within your transmission. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on how long that transmission will last which could ultimately lead to repairs that will increase the overall costs.


A remanufactured unit from one of our vendors will provide you a rebuilt transmission that typically is a more costly option. These units are remanufactured in bulk and are rebuilt without any consideration for your specific application.



Our Services


  • Front wheel drive, standard and automatic transaxles

  • Rear wheel drive standard and automatic transmissions

  • 4– wheel drive standard and automatic transmissions, transfer –cases and related controls

  • Differentials and final drive

  • Electronic transmission control diagnostics and repair



Today's transmissions are linked into the vast array of electronic components that control modern automobiles. Long gone are the days of transmissions that are controlled by a vacuum modulator and a kick down cable.


Transmissions are now controlled by many of the same sensors that are also used to control the fuel injection system. The outputs of these sensors are used to control shift scheduling and pressure rise characteristics for optimized transmission performance and fuel consumption. Any one of these sensors could be the cause of transmission malfunction.


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