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Today's transmissions are linked into the vast array of electronic components that control modern automobiles. Long gone are the days of transmissions that are controlled by a vacuum modulator and a kick down cable.


Transmissions are now controlled by many of the same sensors that are also used to control the fuel injection system. The outputs of these sensors are used to control shift scheduling and pressure rise characteristics for optimized transmission performance and fuel consumption. Any one of these sensors could be the cause of transmission malfunction.


State-of-the-Art Tools
At Meenan Transmissions, we use the latest in electronic diagnostic tools to help us properly assess transmission problems. These tools allow us to evaluate individual sensors, solenoids, transducers, or problems with the electrical wiring harness in the vehicle. This often allows us to repair transmission malfunctions without removing the transmission itself.

Frequently, we diagnose vehicles where the customers were told they need a new transmission, when they may only need something as simple and inexpensive as a speed sensor, manual lever position switch, or throttle position sensor.

We have saved many customers thousands of dollars without requiring the removal of the transmission. This reassures our customers of our technical diagnostic capacity and our integrity.

When you go to a doctor, they want to run a gamut of tests before making a diagnosis. We like to take the same approach. Sometimes the money you spend on the diagnosis is worth the difference in making the correct repairs the first time.


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