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One of the many advantages of having a transmission rebuilt at Meenan Transmission is the ability for Meenan Transmissions to tailor the transmission to the needs of the customer.


ASRS is the process in which communication between Meenan Transmission and the customer allows us to rebuild a transmission that is applicable to the task that the vehicle is subjected to on a routine basis.


An example of this is our heavy duty and commercial use vehicles. These vehicles are subjected to demands that often exceed the capacity of the factory transmission and many remanufactured transmissions both from a torque capacity standpoint and the mechanical limitations of internal components. Replacement of OEM parts with superior aftermarket parts as well as calibration specific parameters that can be altered by extensive valve body, pump, and electronics modifications allow us to create a product that is superior all around to factory parts.


The utilization of parts with improved metallurgical properties as well as clutch components with higher friction coefficients allow the capacity of these transmissions to be exponentially higher than factory built or remanufactured units.


These extensive improvements can be incorporated into a transmission rebuild and often with these updates and modifications the cost for the job is less than the price spent on an inferior remanufactured transmission; yielding benefit not only from a performance and durability standpoint but also from a financial standpoint.

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