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This video shows a 2005 BMW x5 with a X5 6hp26x transmission that has failed.

This video is of a CD4E transaxle. This transmission is used in a variety of applications including Ford Escapes, Mercury Mariner ,Mazda Tributes, and a variety of passenger cars.

This video shows a 5R55W from a 2002 Ford Explorer. This vehicle was towed to us after it stopped moving for the customer. This transmission has inherant design flaws from Ford


This Dodge Ram was brought to us with bearing noise. Upon disassemble of the differential it was very obvious that there were additional parts including a new carrier an abs exciter ring and possibly a new ring and pinion set.


Continue from other mpv video. Upon disassemble it was very obvious that this transmission was damaged clutch linings were gone causing slippage for the owner. This transmission has over 100000 miles on it and will require rebuilding.


This cooler was from a 2001 Jetta. This transmission was malfunctioning and attained temperatures of over 280 degrees. The cooler was completely obstructed. As a result no coolant was going through the cooler causing excessive temperatures of the transmission.

This video shows an E40D transmission that has incurred some significant internal component damage. This transmission was out of a 96 f250. The e40d transmission is for the most part the same as the 4r100 transmission that ford used it their vans suvs and trucks from about 1992 to 2004.

This 6l80E was brought to us with an intermittent neutral condition. The truck was test driven on numerous occasions and the malfunction only occurred 2 times.

This Mazda mpv was towed from New Jersey to our facility. It has suffered transmission damage because of a bad axle or an axle that was not installed properly. This axle not being fully seated into the case has ran the transmission out of fluid.

This ford escape had a blinking Od light and a gear 2 and gear 4 ratio codes. Likely cause is a broken 2-4 band. This band is a common failure in cd4e transaxles. Often the band fails due to line pressure being elevated.

This Truck was brought in with a shifting malfunction converter would not stay locked up and in forth gear properly. The customer also observed that the speedometer was malfunctioning this was verified on our scammer with a speed sensor data trace.

Meenan Transmissions Lansdale Pa This is a transmission from a 2001 Honda Odyssey. This is a B7TA 4 speed 3 shaft transmission and is similar to the transmissions found in V6 Accords and various Acura models.

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